What is SAVE?
The Sexual Assault Victim Emergency Payment Program (SAVE) ensures that medical and anonymous reporting victims of sexual assault are provided payment assistance for medical costs associated with obtaining a medical forensic exam (MFE). 

SAVE Program Basics
DCPA PlayhouseThe SAVE Program (C.R.S. §18-3-407.7) states that only medical and anonymous reporting victims are eligible for the SAVE program. This program provides payment assistance to medical reporting victims for (in priority order):
  1. Routine costs associated with accessing an MFE;
  2. Some medical expenses related to injuries sustained from the sexual assault;
  3. The cost of the evidence collection portion of the medical forensic exam (victims never pay this cost; DCJ will pay for evidence collection for medical reporting victims).
SAVE Program Process
  •  Hospitals bill DCJ directly for the SAVE program.
  •  Hospitals bill insurance first, unless the victim requests insurance not be billed or does not have insurance.
  • The SAVE program covers deductibles and co-pays.
  •  Outstanding balances following payment by the SAVE program is the victim's responsibility.
Converted Cases
Converted cases are those cases in which a medical/anonymous reporting victim later reports the assault to law enforcement. This conversion can occur at any time after the victim has left the hospital. Any victim who converts from a medical or anonymous report to a law enforcement report after her/his departure from the hospital, and prior to DCJ receiving the bill, is considered a converted case and will be treated as a law enforcement reporting victim (victims who report their assault to law enforcement prior to, at the time of, or independent of an MFE). If the victim does not file an application with victim compensation or the compensation board denies the application:
  • The SAVE program will pay routine costs associated with obtaining a medical forensic exam;
  • The SAVE program may also pay costs associated with medical treatment and/or medications for any injuries directly related to the sexual assault;
  • Any outstanding balance following payment by the SAVE program is the responsibility of the victim.