Information on the Victims of Crime Act

The purpose of the VOCA Assistance programs is to fund direct services to victims of crime that 1) respond to the victims; 2) assist victims of crime to stabilization their lives after a victimization; 3) assist victims to understand and participate in the criminal justice system; and 4) provide victims of crime with a safe and secure environment.

The VOCA Assistance grant funding is awarded in the Crime Victim Services funds consolidated funding process which includes VOCA, VAWA, SASP and State VALE.



Federal Guidelines require that each state allocate a minimum of 10% of its total victim assistance grant funds to each of the four priority categories: (1) child abuse (sexual and physical); (2) adult sexual assault; (3) domestic violence; and (4) designated "previously under-served" victim populations which include: victims of federal crimes; survivors of homicide victims; victims of assault, robbery, gang violence, hate and bias crimes, bank robbery, economic exploitation and fraud or elder abuse; victims of vehiclular homicide, intoxicated drivers (DUI/DWAI) or careless driving resulting in death; non-or-limited English speaking victims; and victims who are at-risk adults.



Organizations within the state of Colorado which provide direct services to victims of crime including, but not limited to, crisis intervention, emergency services, counseling, legal advocacy, criminal justice and court support, and training and coordination of volunteers who provide direct services may be eligible for VOCA funding.

Additional eligibility requirements include:

  • No charges to victims for VOCA funded services
  • Be operated by a public agency or a non-profit organization, or a combination thereof, that provides direct services to victims;
  • Demonstrate substantial financial support from other sources;
  • Utilize volunteers (or request a waiver due to compelling reasons);
  • Promote coordinated public and private efforts to aid crime victims within the local community;
  • Assist victims in seeking available crime victims compensation benefits;
  • Assure that all staff and volunteers have read and understand Colorado's Victims Crime Act;
  • Demonstrate a record of providing effective services to crime victims;
  • Demonstrate a record providing effective services to crime victims;
  • Demonstrate compliance with all relevant confidentiality laws; and
  • Demonstrate the ability to comply with Federal VOCA documentation requirements and be able to satisfy an effective audit.
  • Maintain Civil Rights Information and Demographics


In the past, awards have been in the range of $5,000 to $214,000. The amount of money available fluctuates from year to year dependent on the amount of collections at the federal level (see Funding Source below). In 2015, approximately 7 million was awarded to 117 projects. 2015 VOCA Grant Awards VOCA grants are awarded through the consolidated crime victim services funds application process for a two year period. The next funding process will take place in January 2016 for the 2017-2018 awards.


Victims of Crime Act - federal funding originating from the collection of fines and penalties levied against criminals convicted of federal crimes.



A 20% or 25% cash or in-kind match is required for all grant recipients. This match must be used for providing direct victim services as outlined by the federal guidelines. (Indian tribes or Native American organizations on Indian reservations must provide a 5% match.)

Non-Supplanting: Federal funds may not be used to supplant or substitute for state and/or local funds which would otherwise be available for crime victims assistance services. Grant funds are intended to enhance or expand services which extend beyond currently funded legislative mandates.

  How to 

VOCA grants are awarded through the consolidated Crime Victim Services funds application process which is now closed. Materials related to that re-contracting may be found here. The next funding process will be January 2016 for the 2017-2018 awards.