State Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement (State VALE)

The State Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement (State VALE) Grant Program is designed to provide funding for programs which implement statutory rights for crime victims and/or which coordinate or provide services to crime victims on a statewide or multi-jurisdictional basis.  Approximately $1.25 million has been awarded to agencies that provide these types of services.


Colorado state criminal justice agencies that help to implement the Victim Rights Act and organizations whose proposed project helps implement or coordinate statewide or multi-jurisdictional victim programs and services.


Approximately $1.25 million is allocated each fiscal year. The amount awarded is based on funds available at the time of the award.  Grants typically range from $15,000 - $250,000.


The 22 Local VALE Programs transfer 11.7% of their total collections to the State VALE fund.


No Match is required for State VALE grants.

How to Apply

The application process for CVS Funding for CY2015-2016 is closed. Materials related to the funding process may be found here. The next funding process will be January 2016 for the 2017-2018 awards.

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        To be placed on the mailing list, fax or mail
           your name, address and phone number to:

Division of Criminal Justice
Office for Victims Programs
700 Kipling St., Ste 1000
Denver, CO 80215
303-239-5743 Fax
1-888-282-1080 Toll free 
(outside the Denver Metro area)