S.T.O.P Violence Against Women Act Reporting Forms

All Quarterly reporting is now in COGMS.  The Federal Annual Report form remains on this page.

   DCJ FORM 1-A Quarterly and Final Subgrant Financial Report
   DCJ FORM 1-B Subgrant Financial Report for Project Income
   DCJ FORM 3 Payment Request
   DCJ FORM 4-A Budget Revision
   DCJ FORM 4-B Change in Signing Authority
   DCJ FORM 4-D Modification of Other Grant Agreements
   DCJ FORM 5 Equipment Inventory/Retention
   DCJ FORM 13 Equipment Procurement Certification Form
  DCJ FORM 14  Vendor Selection Form
   DCJ FORM 16 Professional Services/Consultant Certification
   DCJ FORM 30 Certification of Compliance with Regulations, Office for Civil Rights, Office of Justice Programs
   DCJ FORM - 2VW VAWA Quarterly Narrative Report
   DCJ FORM - 2VW Instructions 
   DCJ FORM - 2VW Goals & Objectives (extra pages)
   FORM - 2VAWA Federal Annual Progress Report
           FORM - 2VAWA Instructions
           FORM - 2VAWA Helpful Hints